The Govenors of St. Mary’s C.E. Aided Primary School


All governing bodies are made up of a group of people who have a particular interest in the life and work of the school. There are those who represent staff, parents and the wider community and in church schools, Foundation Governors representing the Diocese. In a Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School, such as St Mary’s, the Governing Body has the additional responsibility of being the employer.

The full Governing Body meets termly. The current ‘Acting’ Chair of Governors is Keith Hissitt.  The Governors perform most of their duties through the Resources and School Improvement Committees. These two Committees meet at least once each term, often twice.

St Mary’s is very fortunate to have a committed and hard-working Governing Body. Members are very conscientious and meetings are well attended.

Current Developments

Governors have recently completed work on the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS) and are working towards attaining the Governor Mark.

Governors recognise the support given to the school by the Friends’ Group. Their fundraising plus additional support from the Diocese has enabled the school to update IT equipment. This has greatly enhanced the curriculum for the pupils and eased the burden of planning for staff.

Parents will have noted that there have been changes made in school over the past few years to improve access for those with a disability and also to meet the needs of anyone with particular difficulties. The health and welfare of all staff and pupils is high on governors agenda and work is currently under way to produce the new scheme to meet the government demands of their Disability Equality Act.


The Governors openly seek the opinions of parents and children of the school and warmly welcome any suggestions or comments they may have. Contact can be made by speaking with the Head teacher, or to any governor, some of whom are frequently in school, or directly to the Chair of Governors.

Governing Body 2018/19

Head Teacher: Mrs. E Robertson

Local Authority Governor: Mr. K Hissitt

Parent Governors:

Mr. J Clark

Mr. D Artley

Staff Governor: Ms. A Saunderson Darkes

Foundation Governors:

Mrs. K Holmes

Mrs. C Knaggs

Rev. J Lambert

Mrs. K Snowdon

Mrs. J Lewis

Mrs. A Chapman-Jones

Governing Body Pen Portraits

Mr. Hissitt Susan and I have lived in Long Newton for 30 years, our two sons Jake and Luke attended St Mary’s Primary School from Reception to Year 6 then moved on to Egglescliffe Comprehensive. I have been a Governor of the school for 20 years taking on the role of Deputy Chair of Governors in 2013 and Chair in January 2018. My aspiration for the school is to maintain its reputation as an excellent caring christian learning environment whilst elevating its OFSTED Rating from Good to Outstanding. My academic background is predominantly science, engineering and management focused with my employment history about the delivery of strategic and operational management.

Mr. Artley I am one of the two parent govenors. My three sons attend St. Mary’s Primary school and love it! This is my first term as a govenor and the learning curve has been quite steep.
We have lived in Middleton One Row since our second son was born. We chose St. Mary’s school because of the atmosphere and positive ethos and have not had any cause to regret that decision. My aim as parent govenor is to try to keep the character of the school the same through any changes which are necessary.
For my job I work as a solicitor for a large transport group.

Mrs. Holmes I have been one of the Foundation Governors since my eldest child was in Reception. Two of my six children currently attend St Mary’s: the others having spent their entire primary school time there before moving to Egglescliffe Secondary School. I frequently spend time in school, where I am always made very welcome. I regularly visit the Key Stage 1 classroom (Years 1 and 2) where I enjoy getting to know the children as well as listening to young readers. It is this area that I have developed my role as a Link Governor, with a particular interest in literacy. I am also involved in other aspects of school life, including the Friends’ Group and the Choir. I feel I have developed a good understanding of the school as a result of the varied opportunities available to be involved in its day-to-day life, enabling me to assist in identifying and addressing challenges, as well as celebrating its many successes. 2018 it a time of change for the school, and I look forward to the exciting times ahead.

Mrs. Knaggs I have lived in the village for many years raising my four sons who all attended St Mary’s and later Egglescliffe Comprehensive School. I am in my second term as a foundation governor and am currently employed by Stockton Borough Council as an auditor. Part of my job is to visit and audit schools throughout the borough which enables me to pass on information on good practices I have observed to St Mary’s. I strongly endorse the Christion ethos and community spirit within the school and do my best to support the staff to deliver the aims of the school through my role as governor.

Reverend J Lambert I am Vicar at Saint Mary’s Church in the village and also at All Saints’ Church in Eaglescliffe. I come in to school about once a month to lead Collective Worship (‘assemblies’) and I am involved in Godzone. I am married to Kathie and we have four grown up children (living in Newcastle, Norwich and Paris) and six grandchildren. I enjoy running, cinema and travelling – especially in France where we lived for 18 years. I have written a book called Believe It Or Not about the 26 reasons I am a Christian.

Mrs. Snowdon I am Kath and attend St Mary’s Church in the village. I have been involved with the school for several years as part of the GodZone team. I have recently retired after working with children in a variety of roles; After school and Breakfast Clubs, T.A. and Children’s Worker at Daisy Chain in Norton. I was also a Beaver Scout Leader for 15 years. I am married to John and have two sons and a granddaughter.

Mrs. Chapman-Jones I have lived in Long Newton from a young age and attended St. Mary’s Primary School until I went to Egglescliffe Comprehensive School. I have been a teacher for 12 years and am currently Senior Leader Director of English at Ian Ramsey CE Academy. I am married and have two daughters both of whom accompany me to St Mary’s church on a regular basis. I am looking forward to working with the governing body of the school to continue to uphold and support the Christian ethos.




NAME OF SCHOOL: St Mary’s Primary School 2017/18

From September 2015, Governing Bodies are required to publish on their website, information about their governors:

Name, Category & Appointing Body Term of Office Committees Official Responsibility Attendance at

Governing Body

Attendance at  


Nature of Interest Resignation Date
Pecuniary (you or a close connection – see point 1) Governor in another school/education establishment Spouse, partner or relative working in school or with business interests (see point 2.)  
Dr J Taylor

Foundation Governor

Appointed by Diocese


 – 07.06.2019

N/A Chair 1/1 N/A Nil Nil Nil 24.01.18
Mr K Hissitt

Local Authority Governor

Appointed by LA and Governing Body

24.02.2014 – 23.01.2018



N/A Vice Chair/


5/5 N/A Nil Nil Wife – Employee at School as Higher Level Teaching Assistant N/A
Mr D Moorfoot


N/A N/A Headteacher 5/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil 31.08.2018
Mrs K Holmes

Foundation Governor

Appointed by Diocese

16.11.2012 – 11.01.2020 N/A N/A 4/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Mrs C Knaggs

Foundation Governor

Appointed by Diocese



N/A Vice Chair 5/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Rev J Lambert

Foundation Governor

Appointed by Diocese


From 12.09.2013


N/A N/A 3/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Mrs J Meadows

Foundation Governor

Appointed by Diocese

13.01.2015 – 12.01.2019 N/A N/A 3/4 N/A Nil Nil Nil 19.04.2018
Mr J Clark

Parent Governor

Appointed by Parent Body



N/A N/A 4/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Mrs K Snowdon

Foundation Governor

Appointed by Diocese



N/A N/A 5/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Ms A Saunderson – Darkes

Staff Governor

Appointed by Staff



N/A N/A 5/5 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A
Mr D Artley

Parent Governor

Appointed by Parent Body



N/A N/A 3/4 N/A Nil Nil Nil N/A



Governors must declare any relevant business interests as well as the details of any other educational establishments they govern.  The register must also set out any relationships between governors and members of the schools staff including spouses, partners and relatives.  It is important to address any perception of a conflict of interests by making clear where such potential personal or pecuniary interests might apply; this might be a conflict between personal interests and the interests of the school or the Council when dealing with outside organisations or individuals.

Note 1.           Pecuniary interest includes current employment, businesses (of which partner/proprietor), company directorship, charity trusteeship and other conflict.

Note 2.           Personal Interests can also include business involvement/company directorship or trusteeships or family or close connections to the governor (for example a company the school might have contracts with).

Examples (potential conflicts):

  • A governor whose spouse/partner is employed by the school – Should not take part in discussion regarding the school’s pay policy or any staffing matter that might impact on their partner. Both direct and indirect decisions might impact on the salary range of senior staff e.g. increasing pupil numbers.
  • A governor involved with any committee group, business or after school club who hire part of the school – Should not be party to discussion involving the use of the school or their charging policy.
  • A governor who is a supplier of goods or services to the school – Should not take part in decisions regarding the letting of contracts for that type of goods or services where a sub-contract relationship might exist.

The register of governor interests must also include details of attendance record at the governing body meetings and committees over the year and reviewed and updated on an annual basis indicating also when a governor steps down.

Associate governors must be included on the register and it should be clear when they have voting rights.

The school is required to maintain a similar register of staff interests that should also be reviewed annually – as specified in the NCC code of conduct.  Staff had previously been included with the governor’s declarations but in light of the governing body register of interests being required to be published on the school web site, a separate register should be drawn up.  Staff governors will need to be included on both registers.