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16th March 2018

We have had fun making fashion items for a fashion show that shows how we have recycled plastic.
We have also had a fun day with our teddy bears letting them enjoy the Foundation experience.

9th March 2018


We have begun our Alien themed topic this week. We have started with our first book, Beegu by Alexis Deacon. This is the story of a lonely, lost alien. Beegu’s spacecraft is stuck on Earth and she is wandering around trying to find some friends.

The children have really enjoyed listening to the story. Nursery helped to make fluffy Alien slime with Mrs Green (we do hope to perfect our recipe as the topic goes on). Reception have been drawing and labelling pictures of Beegu and a lot of the children have been making Beegu models from the play-dough they made on Monday.


We are very much looking forward to where the children’s learning will take us next week.




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6th February 2018




Well, who would have thought it would snow again? Lucky us! We have all enjoyed playing in the snow this morning. Some of us ran up and down the hill, played on the tyres, threw snowballs, made patterns in the snow and even caught snowflakes in our mouths.















We all enjoyed making star biscuits for our space topic.















2nd February 2018




This morning Foundation Stage enjoyed some time with our hens. We named them ‘Henrietta’ and ‘Gabriella’ and we fed one of them some worms. Mrs Hissitt spoke to us about stroking them carefully, using quiet voices when we are near them and she explained about washing our hands thoroughly after touching them. Ollie sung one of the hens a little song, ‘Chick, chick, chick, chick, chicken, lay a little egg for me.’















26th January 2018








Today we enjoyed a nice walk to The Barn in Long Newton where we were able to see a fire engine and firemen.








We were allowed to sit in the fire engine and also have a turn at squirting the hose.








We really enjoyed our morning.















19th January 2018








We found the astronauts hiding in the moon sand.















We made some stars. Moon sand was very popular (but it ruined the carpet and Mr Mac isn’t happy!). Tomorrow we will play with it outside.








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Teddies in the Woods Autumn Term 1








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