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8th June 2018
This week Year 1 and 2 have been focusing on an exciting Historical topic, learning about Captain Cook and have also learned about different continents around the world. The children have also been gardening with Mrs. Hissitt planting a range of flowers. The children looked very smart when they had their photograph taken on Thursday.

18th May 2018 Children enjoyed a ‘Royal Wedding’ themed lunch today thanks to Mrs Dobson and the catering ladies.




11th May 2018 On Friday, the  Year 1&2 children were preparing for sports day by taking part in running races.



4th May 2018


27th April 2018


Thank you to all the school govenors who took the time to reply to our letters asking for permission to keep our dragon’s egg. We are curious to find out what the dragon will look like once hatched.



20th April 2018


This week it is all about dragons….


Mrs Hissitt discovered a strange egg in the chicken coop. We suspect it could be a dragon’s egg after Mr Moorfoot caught sight of a dragon on CCTV. We examined the footage carefully and the children have been investigating the outside area. So far they have found footprints and signs of scorching.


We would like to keep the egg and hope it hatches so we have written to Mr Moorfoot and the govenors to ask their permission.


16th March 2018 The children have been learning and improving their times tables in Maths.


The Big Write focused on feelings and how children express their feelings.


In Design and technology the children have been making cubes from boxes.


The children also voted for other class pupils to take part in the Eco Warriors meetings and find ways to improve and help the environment.


Year 1 and 2 have also taken part in the ‘100 Million Minutes Reading Challenge’ and have done really well to read as much as they have done.


On Friday the children had the pleasure of taking their teddy bears into school to take part in class. Everyone had a fantastic time.





9th February 2018 We are all exhausted after two weeks of swimming! We have learned a lot and all improved. Today we are very excited to be learning water safety wearing our pyjamas.



2nd February 2018 We have been swimming every day this week.


I’ve learned how to do straddle jumps. Leo (Year 2)


We swim in the big pool. Daisy (Year 2)


I was scared but I like it. Evie S (Year 1)


My favourite part is jumping in. Millie (Year 2)


26th January 2018 This week in maths, the class have learned about number bonds to 20.  In English, we have done a Big Write about the three little pigs.  In P.E. we have looked at the importance of a healthy diet. Annabel (Year 1) and Bertie (Year 2)


19th January 2018 In history we have been doing about oral family history (the telling of family stories or tales). In literacy we have been doing about the Three Little Pigs.  In maths we have done place value of tens and ones. Molly (Year 2) and


Reuben (Year 2)


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