Year 3 & 4

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29th June 2018 This week in English we have carried on writing an advert for a holiday using persuasive writing. In maths the year 3’s were given sums to estimate and the year 4’s were given 4 digit numbers to add together. We have been continuing or dance lessons on a Wednesday and we are currently doing a dance routine to Grease Lightening. On Thursday, we went to the Life Exhibition at All Saint’s Church were we looked at the life of Jesus. We had a lot of fun. There were different activities for us to do and different things for us to watch. We then watched a short film about Jesus resurrecting and we had a biscuit and juice afterwards.

25th May 2018 For History, Year 3&4 children are studying the topic of Romans. 

18th May 2018 Congratulations to our Y3&4 children who have achieved their 25m swimming awards. Well done!  

11th May 2018 During the last session of our block of swimming lessons, children took part in a water survival task.  Children were asked to wear old pyjamas for the task. 

27th April 2018 This week in English we have been learning how to write a news paper report, it was really fun pretending to be a reporter at a crime scene. In Maths we have been learning about time and duration of time. Also in science we have started a new topic on light and darkness, we have enjoyed experimenting with different materials to find out which was more reflective. We learnt road singes that light up in the dark when a car headlight shine on it is called retro reflective material. In our topic lesson we have been learning about the Romans and why they invaded Britain. 

20th April 2018 This week was our first day back at school after the Easter holidays. We’ve had a busy week starting with the dance competition on Tuesday morning where we were able experience different types of dance. We also were able to show our dance routines that we had done with Sam to other schools. They also showed us their dance routines and everyone did so well.

 In maths this week we have been learning about time. Some of us were given times and put the hands on the clock to show the time. Some of the class have done the duration of time were they had to work out the differences between the two clocks. In English we have been learning about determiners. We have learned how to use them and what they are. In French we have learned how to sing heads, shoulders, knees and toes.

We have had a great week playing in the sun even if it was a bit hot. A lot of our faces were bright red and we had to drink plenty of water so that we didn’t get dehydrated. 

23rd March 2018 This week, Year 3 and 4 have had a busy week. Firstly, in Maths we have been doing Maths assessments to test our Maths knowledge in what we have done so far.

On Friday it was Sport Relief and the children had to use exercising steps and try to dance and step for one mile. It certainly was exhausting but really good fun.  THANK YOU MISS BARWICK AND MRS BELSHAW. 

On Thursday the some of the Year 3 and 4 children participated in the football league and everyone played fantastically well finishing 5th overall. Well done to everyone who took part.

This week in Science we have been learning about electricity and made lighthouses with a switch. 

16th March 2018 This week in maths we worked out perimeters of a shapes and some of us have been working out the area of that shape. 

In English we have been planning our big write. We had to describe a new room in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we listened to each others descriptions.

In ICT and RE we have made a PowerPoint about the ACTS (adorations, confession, thanksgiving and supplication). We have also been researching South America in Geography. 

In music the year 4’s have started to learn Amazing Grace on the recorders and we were able to perform for the year 3’s.

 We had an exciting but busy day on Friday as we brought in our teddies. We also had a fashion show with clothes made from plastic for science week.

 9th March 2018 This week we found out we were taking part in a dance festival and performing our own dance routine for other schools to see, we are all very excited because we have worked really hard on it. 

In English week we have been reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we really liked creating our one ticket winner and describing the amazing chocolate room. 

 Works book day was really fun, we got to dress up and brought a prop from a favourite book or one we were reading. We enjoyed telling our friends all about the books we brought in and why we like them so much. Dylan (Year 4) and Rosie (Year 3)  


 9th February 2018 Our favourite lesson this week was computing, we have been designing our own games on a program called Scratch. The year 3 children have been creating a game called ‘Whack a Witch’ and the year 4 children have been making a game called ‘Crazy Fish’, it was challenging but lots of fun. 

During our dance lessons over the last few weeks we have created a dance around a boxing theme. This week we performed in front of Miss Barwick where she filmed us and we got to watch it back. This was really good because we could identify ways in which we could improve for next lesson. It was really fun, everyone performed really well and put lots of effort in. 

In music this week the year 4s started to learn recorder and year 3s have started to learn wishing wells with their bows. All the year 3 children were excited to used their bows.

 In English we have been working on our grammar this week. We have learnt what a fronted adverbial phrases and prepositional phrases is and when to use then in our writing. Joshua (Year 4) and William (Year 3) 

2nd February 2018 On Wednesday some of the class took part in the cross country competition at Allen West. Everyone ran extremely well in the muddy conditions. Joshua from year 4 came fourth and qualified for the next round at Preston Park.

 In English this week we have enjoyed writing our own stories based around the book 1 ‘Can you catch a mermaid?’. We have loved creating and describing our own mystical creature, this was fun. 

Geography was fun, we learned about different continents and where the equator was.

 Before lunch today, we had a Countdown Maths Challenge. Rosie and Rhea (Year3) 

26th January 2018 In science we have been learning about using electricity. We have looked to the safety and what appliances are powered through mains electricity or battery.

 In maths we have been learning about measurement we have been converting length and weight.

 19th January 2018 Last term we made our own volcanos and this week we were able to do our own science experiment. We had lots of fun making them erupt, but they did not shoot up as well as we thought!


 12th January 2018 This week in English we have been enjoying writing our own stories for the 500 word story competition.

 We have had lots of fun playing in the snow and sledging down the hill at playtime.

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