About Us

St Mary’s C E. Primary School retains close links with the Parish Church of St Mary’s, Long Newton and the local clergy, in particular the incumbent of All Saints Church, Preston-on-Tees.

The school was established with a trust Deed. However after extensive research the Trust Deed cannot be traced. Therefore the Collective Worship is in accordance with the ‘Principles and practices of the Church of England.’

Christians believe in the principles of love, care and respect for God and each other. There is a strong commitment of the Church of England to ecumenicalism (the principle or aim of the unity of the Christians worldwide).


To identify, affirm and celebrate ideals and values held to be of central importance to St Mary’s C. E. Primary School, with particular reference to the principles and practices of the Church of England.


At St Mary’s C. E. Primary School, Collective Worship will follow 6 key principles

· To be all inclusive, so that no one is isolated
· To be part of the whole school curriculum
· To be educated not indoctrinal
· To contribute to the Religious Education within the school
· To make it a sense of occasion and develop a sense of spirituality